AER 24 - Day 3

AER 24 - Day 3

Day 3 has begun and she is off and racing!!

Looks like it will be a warmer day today for Vanessa on the bike, the last few days have had some super cold mornings and she has been riding with her mosko heated jacket in the morning but not today as it is quite warm this morning as we head further south through Morocco.

Mid way..

Vanessa has successfully traversed over the 40km stretch of the Erg de Chegaga dunes section this morning, these dunes have been known to be quite challenging at times.
So well done Vanessa šŸŽ‰

Approx 1/2 way to Checkpoint 2 and seems to be keeping a steady pace.

End of Day 3

13 hour day with the last 4 in the dark but she made it!!!!


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