AER 24 - Day 4

AER 24 - Day 4

Day 4 has begun and she is off and racing!!

Vanessa is making steady progress so far today, she set off at 9.12am and has made it through checkpoint 1, heading at a steady pace towards checkpoint 2. She is approx 190-200km into her 467km day. She left this morning feeling energised and motivated so fingers crossed for an earlier arrival today so she can maintain that strength 💪

Midway point

The biggest trauma of my day was running over a mouse 🥺 it was in the middle of the track in front of me, and it was kind of a "it or me" moment. I’m secretly hoping it dodged my wheel at the last moment. LOL.


 End of Day 4

 The final sector after Lake Iriqui was mega rocky and demanded some careful navigation and for me to keep a steady pace.


Official Press Release:

For some competitors in the AFRICA ECO RACE 2024, Stage 3 may have left its mark, but for others, the motivation was very much in evidence this morning at the start of the bivouac at Oued Draa, not far from Tagounite. It has to be said that this 467km special was particularly long, over varied terrain with some rather demanding navigation at the end of the route. 

Don't forget you can follow live location on the Guardian Bell website


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