AER 24 - Day 5

AER 24 - Day 5


Day 5 has begun and she is off and racing!!

Earlier start this morning with a 8.58am beginning time. She has a big day today with 592km but hopefully she will get some relief as she has a 180km road liason which makes her special stage a shorter 404km today. Although riding on the road can still be fatiguing, it should be a slight relief from the off road segments she has faced the last few days.

Day 5 and she is holding on strong woo!


Midway point

Vanessa is smashing it once again, she was feeling energised when leaving the bivouac this morning. I think knowing tomorrow is a rest day on the beach in Dakhla may have had something to do with it 😜 Which is understandable and will be very well deserved by the time she finishes today.

Currently she has smashed out approx 300km so roughly another 100km to go on the special stage and then a long 168km liason to the bivouac.

 End of Day 5

A great day with a finish in the daylight, which is always a bonus.. Rest day tomorrow, so speak on Monday evening 

Day 6 - Rest Day

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