AER 24 - STAGE 6 - (DAY 7)

AER 24 - STAGE 6 - (DAY 7)

Stage 6 has begun and she is off and racing!!

An early start leaving the bivouac before sunrise; with a massive 372km liaison towards the Mauritania border. Vanessa's bike will be in the trailer for the border crossing. Once on the other side her bike will be taken out and will then be followed by another 56km liaison before hitting 204km special stage through some tricky sandy tracks.

She is feeling good mentally and is prepared for the second week of the race to begin!

Let's Go Vanessa 💪🏁


Midway point

No signal since we crossed into Mauritania but update for if/when signal returns. Vanessa took off for the special stage at 1.54pm (Mauritania time/same as UK time) hopefully you can all still see her tracker as we can't, so sending her all the positive energy and vibes and looking forward to her return to the bivouac tonight. We know she has got this in the bag though 💪🏁😎

Successfully crossed the border into Mauritania, currently sitting on the start line with Vanessa waiting to begin the special stage, the stage can't start until everyone has passed through border control.. So unfortunately looking like a 2 hour wait in the dunes

End of Stage 6

Good day. Probably 20kmph faster with the suspension tweak!! Woooo. So hopefully I'll make some shorter days ahead. Tomorrow is known for being the toughest day of the rally so I'm nervous and will be solo as my giant riding Buddy is going to skip tomorrow due to fatigue. I know I've got this so will head on solo 💪

I was the first to arrive on scene for a car roll today. Definitely got the heart racing but they were all OK, the beauty of a roll cage and 5 point harnesses!


Vanessa has made it to the end of the day and she is feeling absolutely amazing, high spirits, full of energy and super happy with the days progress. Still struggling with signal but she is doing great.







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