AER 24 - STAGE 11

AER 24 - STAGE 11

Stage 11 has begun and she is off and racing!!

She is off to the start line. Approx 8.15 off the line this morning, last big full day today! So let's send her all the positive vibes, she has 247km special stage and 255km liaison today and then tomorrow........

she will be riding into Dakar!
Wow let's go Vanessa!


Special stage complete!
She may have gotten herself a little off track this morning but with some quick thinking and a small navigation adjustment she was back on the right route within maybe 10mins which was a great save and great outcome! She now has a 255km liaison which will take her across the border into Senegal and towards the last bivouac night of the race..


End of Stage 11
Vanessa has successfully crossed the border into Senegal and is now awaiting myself, Keri and Joe to arrive with the food 😉 but as she is already at the bivouac this means.....


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