Stage 12 has begun and she is off and racing!!

Early start this morning, leaving the bivouac at 6am to make it to... DAKAR!! For 11am for the finishing ceremony, she has a large 248km liadion this morning in which we have been on her tail for a portion of and followed by a small 25km special stage this morning (this special stage is timed seperately as the official race clock stopped last night) the special stage today is a 22km race around the lake to the podium where she will officially finish the race! 🏁 wooooohoooo




 End of Stage 12 - Finish Line - Dakar

Guardian Bell are proud to announce that their Ambassador, Vanessa Ruck " The girl On A Bike" #157 Has completed the Africa Eco Race 2024.

Vanessa made it, not only did she make it, she was the 1st Women to cross the line and even greater than that, The first British Women to complete the Dakar.. 🏆🏁🥳🎉

Final stats for the 2024 Africa Eco Race

27th overall
First British Female to ever finish
74 hours riding
13 days
Over 6000kms
46 moto started and 25 moto riders completed 100% of all stages - that's only 54% of riders who managed to stay in and race everything
Sub 5 women have ever finished all 100% stages

👉 I was one of those 100% finishers!!!

Original Dakar Finisher!! - Tracked all the way 6000km+ with Guardian Bell




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