AER 24 - STAGE 8  - (DAY 9)

AER 24 - STAGE 8 - (DAY 9)


Stage 8 has begun and she is off and racing!!

7.58 start time today, her muscles especially forearms and her right wrist are really quite sore this morning, she is also feeling a little drained on energy so let's all send her as much positive energy as we can for today to help her smash through her 467km day today 💪 thankfully it's a shorter day today.. Yesterday she had a 453km special stage and today her total distance is 478km broken up with a 20km liaison this morning and a 69km liason in the evening, so sending her all the positive energy and vibes. Go V go!


The only way I can describe today is.. the most epic day on a motorcycle ever!
Everyone put the fear of God into me about Mauritania and how horrifically, soft and brutally challenging the sand is. So I've been terrified but turns out I absolutely love the sand here. The dunes were no bigger than a 2 story building, super smooth and rolling but totally windswept on the tops. It meant that you were just rodeoing; jumping and launching, it was wild fun.

We all have different opinions and perspectives, which is totally fine. But today's lesson. Never base your expectations on other peoples opinions.

Highlight of today was when I had a little dance with a donkey. The donkey was in the middle of the road so I went left then he went left, he went right as I went right and repeat. It was like a little dance and his little donkey face was the cutest thing. It filled me with big smiles.

I passed a couple of other riders today having mechanical issues, and I am grateful that my KTM Rally Replica 450 has been an absolute dream, bringing me home with no issues on another big Africa Eco Race stage.


End of Stage 8

A little over 8 hours riding today and no falls meant I came in buzzing, but quickly crashed with exhaustion. I’m super thankful to my support team helping me take my kit off, refuelling me with food and rubbing my muscles aches.

9 days down 4 to go, I got this 💪

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